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6 Best Essay Writing Services – Get Essay Help Online

We’ve all been there – your deadline is looming when disaster strikes! Your laptop gets stolen, your job distracts you, you fall behind… it happens.

If you need a high quality college, high school, or university essay quickly, why not try a top essay writing service?

Here we’ve evaluated some of the best essay writing service companies online!

How We Evaluate Writing Services

We evaluate paper writing service companies according to 4 main criteria:

  1. Quality – Are the grammar, punctuation, and lexicon correct and consistent? We’ve mainly looked at websites whose writers are English Native speakers (ENL).
  2. Turnaround Time – What is the turnaround time? Will you be waiting weeks or days for your essay? Some sites offer turnaround times as quick as 3 hours.
  3. Customer Support – Is there a customer support team standing by? Do they reply quickly? Can you call them directly?
  4. Price – Is the price per page fair? A cheap essay writing service might produce low-quality work, but some are high quality and fairly priced.

So, they’re our criteria. What are the best essay writing services for students?

Top 6 Essay Writing Services 2020

Grade Miners
Best writing quality

Though the essay writers at Grade Miners are mostly ESL (English as a Second Language), they have been speaking English very well for decades, so you wouldn’t know the difference. This helps to keep prices competitive while keeping writing quality high.

Over 56,000 students use Grade Miners, who have a team of more than 3,500 online paper writers standing by to write essays for you about a wide range of subjects and disciplines. According to the site, 97% of customers are satisfied with their essay the first time and don’t even need revisions!

They cover all types of essays, from Argumentative Essays to Thesis Proposals. You can choose from college, high school, undergraduate or Ph.D. papers. You can also ask about their copywriting, resume writing, and cover letter writing services too. Truly the best writing service online!



Best cheap essay writing service

With prices starting at just $8.94, 99 Papers is without a doubt one of the cheapest essay writing services you’re going to find in the US. You also get a nice 5% off with your first order, so you can save even more cash for the first time. From research paper essays to SWOT analysis reports, there’s little 99 Papers can’t do.

This is also one of the few custom writing websites that allows you to message your writer directly. That’s a great feature because it allows you to be very specific about the style you’re going for and give the writer very detailed instructions about how the final draft should look.

The company claims that 100% of its papers are delivered on time, which seems suspiciously too good to be true. They also use a combination of ESL and ENL writers, so you can pay a premium for a native English writer if you so choose.



Essay Box
Best college essays

Essay box is a decently priced “write my paper” service for students specializing in various college, high school, and university papers, including college essays, dissertations, admissions materials, marketing plans, and much more. Like the best essay writing service providers on this list, its team proofread, edit, and revise your essay if you desire.

This company starts its plans at a mere $11.40 USD, though there is a 5% discount on your first-time order. If you order a lot of pages from them, you can also take advantage of lifetime discounts on future orders. You get 4% off for 15 pages or more, 8% off for 50 pages or more, and 15% off for 100 pages or more!

Essay Box hires both ESL and ENL writers, so there’s no guarantee you’ll get a native English speaker, which is something to keep in mind. Nonetheless, their deadlines start at 3 hours and up, and their content is repeatedly proven to be high quality stuff.



Best customer service

Boasting 24/7 customer support lines, email communications, and their own dedicated app, Paper Help certainly have some of the best customer service I’ve seen in this niche. Their prices are also decent, starting at $10 for a 1-page high school essay. You can order in USD, EUR, CAD, GBP, and AUD – great for international students.

When it comes to your writer, you can choose from a “basic writer” who speaks English as a second language, an “advanced writer” who is a well-versed native English speaker, or a “top writer” who is a native speaker that is consistently top-rated by students. The more you pay, the better the writing will be.

One downside to the Paper Help essay review service is the number of add-ons you have to pay for. There are many things you need to pay an additional fee for, including abstract pages, table of contents pages, and plagiarism checks.



Essay Factory
Best for essays UK

Need to write a UK essay in British English with UK spelling and grammar? If you’re a UK native, there are subtle differences in UK spelling and dialect that a professor marking your essay would notice as unusual if they were different. For this reason, it’s essential to find a writer essay company that works with native British paper writers.

Prices start from £10.92 and up, and you can get 5% off your first order to save you a little extra cash. Essay Factory has over 1,700 active writers and delivers 96.8% of orders on time, so you can be confident you’ll get the speedy service you desire.

Various academic styles are offered, including MLA, APA, Harvard, and Chicago/Turabian formatting. Essay Factory specializes in numerous academic papers including dissertation work, admissions essays, research paper writing, term paper writing, and more. You also get unlimited revisions and plagiarism checks free of charge.



Top essay writing service in Germany

GhostWriter Gesucht 24 has more than 500 German essay writers specializing in various sectors such as law, medicine, business administration, marketing, nursing, psychology, engineering, management, and much more. They specialize in higher education, though offer various essay writing services in German.

Prices start at €34.54 and up per page, so it’s certainly not the cheapest on the list, but the quality is top-notch. Unlike some of the other sites, GhostWriter Gesucht 24 has a 5-day minimum for deadlines, so you do need to plan your use in advance.

There’s a 15% discount when you sign up to their loyalty program, and you can take advantage of free revisions and a refund guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the quality of work provided. This is also one of the few “write my research paper sites” where you can message the author directly, providing detailed instructions and feedback.



Are Essay Writing Services Legit? 11 FAQs

So, how do essay writing websites work exactly? Are they safe to use?

Here are 11 frequently asked questions about essay writing companies:

What do academic writing services do?

What do academic writing services do?Essay writing services write your essay for you according to the guidelines that you provide. You can order a certain essay topic, style, page length, and even grade, giving you exactly the essay you need within a specific time frame.

Many companies like Grade Miners can get an essay back to you within 3 hours if you’re willing to pay the price, but you can get cheaper rates and discounts if your deadline is weeks/months into the future.

Are essay writing services legal?

Are essay writing services legal?Essay writing services are perfectly legal.


Because technically they’re writing “model answers” that you’re supposed to use as guidance and rewrite in your own words.

If you look at the fine print of most the top essay writing services, they’ll say that their writers produce “model essays” for their customers.

Of course, you could use them as model answers, but the company can’t stop you from submitting them as your own.

While submitting a custom written essay to your college or university isn’t illegal, it is against school policies and could have serious consequences if you got found out.

There have been cases where shady essay writing companies have blackmailed students into giving them more money by threatening to tell their school that they’re cheating, so be careful.

How do I pay for college essay writing services?

How do I pay for college essay writing services?Most of these companies accept PayPal or card payments in USD.

Some also accept other forms of currency like CAD, AUD, GBP, and EUR.

If money is tight, some also have a payment installment option.

Am I allowed to turn in the paper?

Am I allowed to turn in the paper?Technically, you’re not supposed to turn in a paper written by a professional essays writer, but there’s nothing to stop you.

The essays are considered to be “model essays” designed to advise you, but of course, many students just turn them in as their own.

While not illegal, it will be strictly against college/university rules to turn these papers in, so keep that in mind.

Do professional essays writers speak English as a native language?

Do professional essays writers speak English as a native language?Some essay writers speak English as a native language, while some are non-native speakers who have a very good grasp of the English language.

With some sites like Paper Help, you can pay extra to have a writer who is a native English speaker or save money by going with an ESL author.

Who will actually write my essay?

Who will actually write my essay?Essay authors for these websites are often high-level graduates and students who are experts in a particular field, whether it’s law, medicine, engineering, psychology, etc.

These authors are naturally gifted and knowledgeable writers who are looking to make some extra money on the side by writing your essays.

If the service you’re using allows direct messaging, you may be able to ask more about their relevant academic experience.

Can I chat directly with my essay writer?

Can I chat directly with my essay writer?Some essay services like 99 Papers allow you to message your writer directly, specifying details and giving feedback if appropriate.

However, some sites might require you to liaise with a member of the administration team if you want to get a message to the writer after the initial order has begun.

It all depends on the site you’re using!

How do I know that my custom paper is not plagiarized?

How do I know that my custom paper is not plagiarized?The best essay services all produce original content.

Most college essay writing services also come with plagiarism checks for free, though some do charge an additional fee for this.

If you want to make sure that your paper is 100% original content, there are many free and low-price plagiarism checkers you can use online.

What if I need changes to the paper?

What if I need changes to the paper?If you need changes to your paper, you can usually get revision(s) done for free. Some essay writing sites offer unlimited free revisions, while some just offer 1 or 2.

If the company you’re using charges extra for revisions to the essay, make sure you price this into your budget.

Are title and reference pages free?

Are title and reference pages free?This depends on the company you’re using – always read the fine print before placing your order.

Some essay writing services are very much all-in-one – you get everything you’re going to need for the price listed.

Other sites are sneaky and charge you additional fees for add-ons like title pages, contents pages, reference pages, and more.

Bottom line – make sure you know what you’re getting!

What if my paper was delivered late?

What if my paper was delivered late?If your order was delivered late, you may be entitled to a 100% refund subject to the policy of the company you’re working with.

Most essay writing services are 96.8% on time or above, but occasional late deliveries do happen.

For this reason, try to leave a few days of buffer and don’t leave your deadline to the last minute.


I hope you enjoyed these essay writing service reviews! Academic writing is a challenge for many of us, even if we’re knowledgeable about our areas of study. With essay writing services like Essay Box, we can make studying that little bit easier and increase our chances of success.

Have you used an essay service you really liked? Or maybe there are predatory companies we should all watch out for? Leave a comment below!

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