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How To Turn Your Written Content Into Video Content

When it comes to marketing, content is still king. Content drives sales of your products and services, and keeps your customers engaged in your business.

However, content is also a hungry beast that must be fed – constantly. In order to stay visible and relevant, you have to continue to “feed the beast” and consistently crank out new content and material.

That’s why it’s such a great idea to repurpose your existing content and give your old material new life.

It’s relatively easy to breathe new life into old content using online video. Here are five easy ways to repurpose your existing written materials into dynamic and engaging new video content:

1. Blog to Vlog

Perhaps the simplest and quickest way to repurpose your existing content is to turn a written blog post into a video blog, or vlog post. You can either read or summarize your post direct to camera with a “talking head” video, or narrate it and add some photos or graphics to add some visual spark.

One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is with the free Adobe Voice software for the iPad.

2. Slides to Video

If you’ve got written content, like an article or blog post, you can create a video montage by adding slides with text or photos. After all, a narrated PowerPoint with slides can be saved and shared as a video.

Simply create your PowerPoint or Keynote presentation; add your voice over narration; and save it as a video!

3. Book to Video Tips Series

If you’ve published a book (or even an e-book), you can take each chapter or section and create a brief “tips” video series featuring the key points of that chapter.

Again, either on-camera or off-camera will both work. The idea is that you’re creating a new “video version” of each chapter – so if you’ve got 10 chapters, you end up with 10 brief “tips” videos.

 4. Article to Hangout

If you’ve written an article or done a Q & A written interview, you can repurpose that content as a live Google Hangout. Just take your article topic and use it as the theme or subject matter for your Hangout.

Better yet, invite a guest expert to be interviewed live on the Hangout. As a bonus, your Hangout is also automatically uploaded to your YouTube channel!

 5. Bio to About Video

Everyone has a written bio, and most people have a (usually boring) “about me” page on their website. Why not spice up that boring, old text bio by doing a video version that you can upload to your “about” page on your site?

It’s more personal, more engaging, and a lot more effective for building your “know, like and trust” factor.

Obviously, the more eyeballs you can get to your content, the better. And why reinvent the wheel when you can save time and effort by simply recycling your written materials into videos.

It’s the perfect solution for getting more visibility, credibility and profitability!

This article was originally published on The Future of Ink and is reprinted here in its entirety for our Magnolia Media Network readers.


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